Introducing the Ultra-Prop II


The original Ultra-Prop has been in continuous production since 1984 and over 18,000 units have been produced for ultralight aircraft, airboats and hovercraft. Our propellers are tough, durable, and exceptionally smooth. With our patented pitch block system, blade angles are precise and with the injection molding process, weights are held to a six-gram range for perfect balance. Replacement of a blade requires no balancing.

The original 2,3, and 4-blade Ultra-Props were limited to 59 inches and 50HP. We added 5 and 6-blade props to cover high HP applications.

Over five years ago we started design of a new propeller to expand our offerings. We retained our pitch block and hub concept and Craig Catto designed a longer and more efficient blade. We evaluated several blades and resins and ended up with a long carbon fiber reinforced engineering thermoplastic.

The new 66” (and lesser diameters) Ultra-Prop II employs a more efficient blade with aerodynamic twist, a superior airfoil and new planform. Absorbing 25 HP/blade at about 2500 rpm, the propeller is good for applications to over 100 HP.

Our manufacturing process requires expensive tooling and much testing. We are designing to Light sport Aircraft (LSA) Standards and have completed enough testing to know that we can comply. The propeller hub, pitch block and blade retention system have been successfully subjected to the required 2X loads. We have run over speed tests without failure; a test that is not required if you run a 100-hour dynamic test and submit the formal documents to qualify for LSA. We did not run this test on the original Ultra-Prop and are confident that our extensive testing to date shows we will meet that requirement.

Prices for the Ultra-Prop II are significantly lower than our composite prop competition and in most cases even lower than wood propellers. Our low cost Spinner Kit adds even more appeal to our props.


Suggested Retail Prices for the Ultra-Prop II

2-Blade Kit (Model 102) 6.0 lb $350.00
3-Blade Kit (Model 103) 8.0 lb $425.00
4-Blade Kit (Model 104) 10.0 lb $500.00
5-Blade Kit (Model 105) 12.0 lb $575.00
6-Blade Kit (Model 106) 14.0 lb $650.00