Propellers for Hovercraft


The hovercraft was invented in 1956 by and Englishman, Christopher Cockerell. The concept has been scaled up and down from the early craft. For example, large seagoing units could cross the English Channel carrying scores of passengers. His are also used very effectively in rescue operations. Hovercraft excite the imagination with the ability to easily transition from land to water and back. For the hunter and fisherman they make access to many shallow water spots possible. 

Smaller hovercraft are often an original design or offered as plans or kits. Ultra-Props are ideally suited to many of these craft. The glass or carbon reinforced nylon blades are not affected by the presence of water splashing or spray and debris that inevitably finds its way into propellers. The Ultra-Prop has found applications as both thrust and lift fans. Contact us for advice on selection of the best Ultra-Prop for your engine and drive system. 

Check out for videos of operating hovercraft. You can also Google "hovercraft" for many links to various manufactures and plans.